Thursday, July 1, 2010

ERIC announces major website upgrade

On June 20, ERIC (the Education Resources Information Center) announced a major update to its website at This update features search enhancements, research tools, and useful information for all ERIC audiences, including students, faculty, and librarians.

Some points of interest:
  • improved search tools, including the ability to narrow searches based on Author, Descriptors, Date, Audience, Journal, Education Level, and Publication Type. ERIC has also added three new search limiters to the Advanced Search feature: "ED Only," "EJ Only," and "Peer Review"
  • Expanded RSS feeds, including updates to Department of Education featured collections, new materials in selected high-interest topics (including teacher effectiveness, autism, and community colleges), and additions of AERA conference papers"
  • Ability to search ERIC's journal and non-journal source lists, improving users' ability to locate journal names or contributing organizations by keyword or phrase
  • Addition of a "Share" tool that enables searchers to post citations and searches to popular social applications and sites
  • Thesaurus update, including 8 new Descriptors, 13 updated Scope Notes, 3 new Synonyms, and 7 relationship changes
Additionally, ERIC is now reaching out to users and potential users via social networking. You'll find links throughout the ERIC Web site to ERIC's new Facebook page. The page provides periodic information updates as well as links to materials helpful for those searching or contributing to ERIC.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this!

The Marygrove Library Blog said...

You're very welcome!